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      What is the Organisational Risk Practitioner Qualification? 

      • Full Course name - Occupational Certificate: Organisational Risk Practitioner 

      • SAQA 94222   |  NQF LEVEL 6  |  125 Credits

      • QCTO Accredited | C urriculum Code | 242208002

      • Assessment Quality Partner - The Institute of Risk Management South Africa ( IRMSA )

      • 2 Intakes: January (for the Nov Board exam) &  August (for the June Board exam)

        Purpose of The Organisational Risk Practitioner Qualification 

        The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to be able to manage risk management plans in support of an organisation’s risk framework, which is generally the responsibility of Risk Officers. The Risk Practitioners assist the Risk Officers by undertaking or facilitating activities related to the implementation of the plans for managing risk in an organisation.

        The CRM Prac Designation is designed for individuals who seek to gain specialised background and expertise in risk management. The certification validates that the individual possesses a foundation level knowledge and experience to implement and manage an organisation’s risk management programme under supervision.

        On completion of this program learners will be able to: 
        • Implement the framework for managing risk in the business unit

        • Create and sustain risk management partnerships

        • Establish the internal and external risk context

        • Assess risk in order to produce and update a risk profile for a business unit

        • Prepare and facilitate risk treatment plans for a business unit

        • Monitor, review and improve risk management activities and processes.


        The following modules and outcomes form part of this qualification:

        • 4 Knowledge Modules (28 credits)

        • 6 Practical Skills Modules (28 credits)

        • 6 Work Experience Modules (69 credits)

         Total: 125 Credits (see bottom of the page for detailed program outline)

        Here Are Some Organisations Where CRM PRAC And PROFs Are Employed:


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        What Do Employers Gain By Motivating Their Risk Management Professionals To Take The Certification?

        • Demonstrates that risk management is important and is taken seriously in your organisation. 

        • Lends credibility to your organisation. 

        • Provides confidence that your risk management teams are appropriately qualified, experienced and competent.


        Programme Duration: 10 Months (see the 2024 course timetable here)

        2 Intakes per Year: January & August

        Training Program Strategy:

        The training strategy that will apply to this program will be a combination of:

        1. Contact sessions combined with self-study to address the knowledge and practical skills components of the curriculum.

        2. A structured work experience program at the site of an approved workplace to address the work experience component of the curriculum.

        Internal Assessment:

        CharterQuest will conduct internal assessments by means of knowledge and practical assessment activities. 

        Work Experience:

        During the 10-month program, the learner obtains work experience relevant to the required work experience module in the curriculum. The employer is responsible to ensure that work experience must be assessed by a Registered Assessor. 

        Statement of Results (SOR): 

        Upon successful completion of all four modules, CharterQuest issues a Statement of Results to the candidate based on the Knowledge, Practical and Work Experience. This SOR will give the candidate access to the qualifying assessment. 

        External Assessment:

        On completion of the program, the candidate must apply to the Institute of Risk Management South Africa (IRMSA) for the External Integrated Summative Assessment (EISA). 


        Upon successful completion of the External Summative Assessment, IRMSA will recommend candidates to the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) for certification

          Risk Managers who have this designation will be able to assist businesses to better understand the multiple risks they face in a holistic and comprehensive manner, as well as provide assistance and guidance in providing effective risk management capability in their organisation.

          2024 Detailed Timetable

          Classes Start: Intake 2 Start:  16 August for Nov. 2025 Board Exam

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          • The course ends in July. 

          • Candidates submit POE by the end of August. SOR by September End. 

          • Candidates Prepare for the IRMSA Board 1 Exams November 30th, 2024

          Certified Risk Management Practitioner (CRM Prac) designation by enrolling for the Board Exam I.

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