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Pass first time or it's on us!

This policy scheme guarantees you a 1st TIME PASS  or a Lifetime Free Return + 35% Rebate against a future course. To benefit from this, you will need to  commit a similar amount of time, effort, passion and excellence we bring to your tuition and exam preparation, by meeting these scheme rules:

1. Eligibility: The scheme only covers students enrolled on our Tuition and Exam Preparation Package (TEPP) ([Face-to-Face, classroom/contact or interactive livestream).


2. Workload : Student must not have attended more than 4 modules or written more than 3 exams in the previous three months period.


3. Learning materials: Student must have adopted and used the prescribed learning materials as handed out on the course.


4. Class Attendance: Student must have attended ALL scheduled sessions or classes. However, a maximum of 2 scheduled sessions can be missed provided this was pre-communicated in writing. For a missed session to qualify as valid attendance, the student must have independently and before the next session , attended a full catch-up pre-recorded video session and submitted a 1 page written summary of what was learned.


5. Test participation: Student must have written all official tests and obtained a cumulative average of 35%, provided the final mock result was not less than 40%.  In addition, to maximise your chance for a free return on us and a 35% rebate on a future course, students on the Adapt2me LMS must have taken all mock exams and achieved a minimum cumulative Knowledge Level Score of 5/7 per subject/module on our proprietary Adapt2ME Learner Management System/Platform. Adapt2ME TM Learner Management System/Platform.


6. Final Exams: The final exam with the relevant examining body must be written within 45 days of the end of the relevant semester.


7. Fees: All the student fees must be fully settled by the end of the relevant semester and student must not have defaulted on any payment terms.


8. Study Leave:   Minimum of 4 days study leave per subject/module;


9. Exam results:   Student must avail an official result slip from the relevant examining body at the time of lodging a claim.


10. Grace period: All claims must be lodged within 7 days of the official release of the exam results by the relevant examining body.  Failure to do so renders the claim invalid.